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'Entrepreneur of the Year' Finalist

Read my story here... and what it would mean to me to win 'Entrepreneur of the Year.

It would mean so much to me to win the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Award as for the first time in years I have found the 'magic' of work again since I started running my own business and taking charge of my own career path. I 'love' what I do and do what I 'love' every day and it doesn't feel like work. I feel lucky to have found my dream career again. I would like you to join the judging panel by voting for me in the SuperAchievers Awards. The judges have started their deliberations and YOU can join them by voting. You can find out more about me here by reading my entry and about my journey to where I am now. All votes will be combined with the Judges choices and the overall winner will be announced. All you need to do is cast your vote on the link below. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my entry and to those who have voted for me already. I cannot do it alone, please cast your vote for Julie in the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Category. Your Vote Counts. Voting has now closed. Thank you to All who voted for me.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Coming to Fruition

Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

17 years ago Julie made the brave decision to leave her dream job in Human Resources job to scope other opportunities and experiences which would allow her to have more flexibility and time to spend with her young family. Looking back now, in Julies own words “It was the best decision I ever made.”

The shift in her working life enabled her to take the time to reassess her priorities and ambitions. After taking 6 months out Julie decided to go for a qualification in Employment Agency Practice so that she could set up and run her own recruitment agency. In subsequent years, Julie progressed her career in varying directions, both with her own small businesses and being employed, all of which built and furthered her Administration and Business support skills.

In 2015, as her son was heading off to University, Julie decided to refocus her efforts on a business of her own where she could really put her strengths and passion into play, Virtualis PA was born.

Set up to offer Virtual PA support, Reception facilities and Executive Assistant services to SME’s and corporate clients, Julies work provides businesses with a lifeline and offers a great opportunity to show clients that outsourcing can be very successful for their business and can fit in with their business model.

Julie thrives on all aspects of running her own business and has faced all the challenges that go with starting your own business head on. One of her fears was the challenge of networking, once she realised it was something she could easily conquer, she has thrown herself into networking and connecting with like-minded people in business. Learning how to market her business on social media has been a learning curve, ensuring the content she puts out to her audience is relevant and quality, but the time and effort is being rewarded as she is listed as 42nd out of 583 on the PA Eventopedia Social Media Power List and also appeared in the top 5 of newcomers in the first 2 weeks of publication.

Julie is highly motivated, and each year in December, she sets out her goals for the forthcoming year and thrives on seeing her plans evolve and turn into something tangible and real. She knows that she is sowing the seeds now with a view to reaping the rewards over time.

Her longer term aspirations and business ambitions are also clear in her mind with hopes to expand her team set out and ultimately turn the business into a Limited Company. She knows the Virtual market is seeing a huge upsurge and flexible working is growing considerably so she is ensuring she is the right position to capitalise on this.

Asked why she thinks she should win a SuperAchievers award Julie said “Before starting Virtualis PA I spent time researching top leaders of business, learning and reflecting before embarking on my Virtual PA business. In six months, I achieved more than I could have imagined” she continues “I’m determined and driven and enjoy the excitement of evolving, being relevant and adapting in my environment. As an entrepreneur, I embrace competition, don’t fear it and see it as an opportunity not a threat”

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