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Virtualis PA was founded in 2015 to support entrepreneurs, sole traders and small to medium sized businesses in the UK with their Business Administration, Telephone Answering, Transcription  and Concierge Services, giving them back time to concentrate on growing and developing their businesses.  

Our entrepreneurial Founder, Julie has much experience assisting CEO’s, Managing Directors and Management teams followed by valuable experience and skills gained in Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, Office Management, Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Business Management and Development.


We have evolved over time and have now become Virtualis so that we can focus on giving value in a targeted manner, doing what we love the most and where it really matters to your business - the bottom line.



Virtualis intention is to offer the best possible client journey by providing a relevant pre-existing client reviving service, with our highly effective approach to booking meetings in your diary.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide our clients with a first-class service experience every time. We know we do so because our clients tell us we do. We always put our clients first because what they say matters and they are a priority in our business. 


At Virtualis, we continue to expand and become more proficient at what we do for you, our clients benefit in every way from us giving our directed attention to the job in hand, as we know that is when growth happens.  We do not pay attention to what is going on around us, because if we did, growth would never happen for you and for us as this is when the fear of doing things sneaks in.  Fear only stops us from taking leaps to the next level.  We believe in taking those 'Quantum Leaps' quickly, to create, strive and grow exponentially and we want to take you with us.

"In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists" Eric Hoffer

We don't just react or wait and see whether your clients come to you.  We get in front of your clients with our friendly and professional approach.  We anticipate that change is necessary and going to happen for your business.  Our persistence in getting in front of your former clients is what will be the difference between your business creating or disintegrating.  We know your competitors are there but we don't let that stop us doing what we do best.  We are very well equipped to respond in times of change because we are the the beautiful quote by Eric Hoffer suggests.    Our mantra is 'we must continue on the path of change, to grow and succeed regardless of what is taking place in the wider world of circumstance, situations, events and the economy'.  Staying stagnant or having a mind filled with fear, doubt and worry never created anything.  Let's go.... 


Our team have a diverse skill set developed working with high performance companies  through to small organic businesses and are fully able to support the needs of any scaling business.


We help you wake up and reignite one dormant client account at a time 



Our role is to help you nurture and convert your inactive client accounts in to a booked and confirmed meeting in your diary and turn them into profit.  Great relationships matter.

What is a Dormant Client Account and why is it important to nurture them?


A dormant client account is a pre-existing account archived in your filing cabinet due to a project or contract coming to an end and one that you have not returned to, to find out whether you can serve them again.  They are essentially missed opportunities waiting to happen.


How do we help you win back dormant client accounts?


Dormant client account nurturing is what we do well.  We help you bring your archived client accounts in your filing cabinet to life again where you thought they were once forgotten and in archive because that was the end.  This is just the beginning.  You will be surprised and amazed to see what a little time and effort can do to your bottom line.  With our help, you will find your 'acres of diamonds' in your very own filing cabinets!  

Virtualis prides itself on adding so much value and profit to your business and your balance sheet.   

We aim to help you:

  • Wake up and win back one client account after another with our intuitive automated scheduling system

  • Re-connect with your pre-existing client list on platforms that have an impact and yield results

  • Re-ignite relationships with pre-existing clients

  • Get you in front of your pre-existing clients or your contacts with our friendly, unique messaging approach with absolutely no sales calls necessary, followed by;

  • Scheduling and confirming meetings either by face to face or on Teams or Zoom (whichever is most suitable) with ease

  • Turn pre-existing clients in to a once again current and prosperous client.

  • Convert your dormant accounts into a booming bottom line. 

  • Know that the probability of selling to an existing account is 60% to 70% chance of business returning compared to the probability of selling to a new client which is between 5% to 20%.  It is worth visiting your archived files.


Why we are different

We are instrumental in providing the very best service to our clients, for your clients.  We bring tangible results to your business.  Our ability to serve your clients is first and foremost our priority and we let nothing get in our way of reigniting those pre-existing client account relationships.  Attitude is key to improving the performance and results in your business.  




Find out about how we can work together to get bigger and more improved results for your business, making better use of your time by outsourcing your pre-existing list of high potential clients to Virtualis.

  • Get in touch for a discovery call

  • Prior to our discovery call, get your database list in to a good shape and where possible remove contacts that you know are no longer with the company, so that we can hit the ground running when re-engaging with them.

  • Understand that the results we achieve will be more attainable if your pre-existing contact list is no more than 18 months old  (unless you know that you have a good chance of us getting a meeting arranged within a company, if older than 18 months old).  The older the list, the more likely individuals have left the organisation.  Warm contacts where you have previously done business with or potentially could have done business with, will aways be the approach that will yield the best results. 

  • Think about how you might want to share your client list with us, with ease of access, modifications and updating purposes.  Most of our clients use Sharepoint and share the access links but we can work with other platforms too.

  • You will want to share your diary with us so that we can work around existing commitments when booking in meetings.

  • Remember everything starts with a great attitude.  If you had a great client relationship previously, this will become very apparent in our initial approach when taking the steps to re-engage with your pre-existing client accounts.  



Founder of Virtualis PA speaking about Virtual Concepts at the PA Expo in November 16
PA Life  'Live Panel Discussion' at PA Expo, Liverpool in Nov 16
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