Earn Rewards when you recommend Virtualis PA to your Business Associates or Clients. 


For each Associate or Client referral, you can earn 15% rewards for every successful signup on any of our Business Support services.



*How it works


You will receive a 15% commission for every Associate or Client you refer and who successfully signs up to one of our Business Support packages, as follows:


Personal Assistant Service / HR Meetings & Investigations


If we successfully sign up one of your Associates or Clients to our Personal Assistant services, to recognise your loyalty and to say thank you for your referral you will receive a one-off discount of £15 off your next invoice.  You may refer our Business Support services as many times as you wish and you can continue to receive a £15 reward for each completed referral.


Rewards Payment


The Rewards payment will be made to you 8 weeks after the client agreement process has met its obligations and has fully completed. *  

Associate Referral Reward Programme